Oh Procrastination, You Foul Temptress…

So I procrastinated…Sorry about that. I know I missed my deadline for a new blog by four and a half months (!) but I finally got it done.

It’ll be a long road back but I’m up for it if you are.

You can find me over at Flyingthecoup.com

See you there!


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I’m Done Half Assing!

I’m Done Dicking Around!

I know what your thinking “Two Posts in a Month?! Come on man, you can do better than that!”

And you’re right, I can do better than that. Promise.

So, where do we go from here? 4 Step Plan!

1. I’m going to move the site – I guess WordPress.com is fine for the casual blogger with no interest in getting into high-end customization/code, but I want full control over everything on my site. I want to own my domain and my content. Top to bottom. So I’m going to be moving over to a WordPress.org Installation. I’ll ignore the technical stuff here but if you have ideas for this kind of thing pass them along.
2. I’m going to split things up – Too many topics makes for sloppy sloppy focus. So I’m going to specialize into a couple of blogs. Expect one for Politics/Current events, one for Movies/Music and all things entertaining, and one for everything else. I’ve got ideas and I’ll make sure you know where all the stuff is.
3. I’m going to do things right – Trying to post post post everyday on this site was very taxing when I was deep into it. I want to focus on fewer posts that have higher quality. Expect a posting schedule something like twice a week.
4. I’m going to launch this new stuff when it’s holding some semblance of respectability – but this mean I’m going to need to take some time to get it there. So I won’t be posting here for about a month. In fact the next post you’ll see on this site will be on June 1 telling you where the new sites are!

So that’s my plan. Please leave any suggestions for the new site(s) in the comments. What you liked what you didn’t, etc.

Hope you’ll wait for me for a month while I get my shit together. It’s not like I’m going off to sea in the 1600’s. I’ll be back and better than ever…in about 30 days!


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The Boredroom

Times like these

I imagine

My ancestors cold

Huddled around a fire

Planning their hunt for food; Life

A simple Mission Statement

Only the one goal

Only the hunt

No Bullshit

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9 Great Movies…(That Never Hit the Spotlight)

Last summer I took the time to make a list of my “Top 100 Movies of All Time.”

It was a pretty subjective list (as all Top “whatever” lists inevitably are) but I was pretty satisfied with it at the time.

But times change, new movies come out, and old ones are bumped off the list (not easily, of course, but it happens). So, I’m not as happy with it now…so I’m not going to post it…yet.

What really shocked me when I went the list was how many of my top movies were “Blockbusters” that would make any list. I am more than a little frustrated about this result.

You see, while I know that Saving Private Ryan, The Blues Brothers and Fight Club are great movies (Numbers 1,2 & 3 respectively), I also like to think that I have some unique insights into films or at least a unique taste.

Who knows, maybe I don’t, but to make myself feel better I’ve weeded the list into a few amazing movies that somehow managed to avoid the popular spotlight.
So here they are:

My Top 9 Great Obscure Movies

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April Fool’s Day Video!

Hey Everyone and Happy April Fools.

Enjoy this Video from Tommy & Keith!

You may recognize Keith from his blog. You may recognize his Blog from the “Things I Like” Page.

And if you like Tommy & Keith you can check out more of their videos Here.

Ok, Laters.

P.S. Sorry about the infrequent postings lately. I’d like to say it was intentional…and it sort of is…but mostly I’m busy out of my mind. I’ll explain later. Over & Out!


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…And One!


I think if we saw this kind of thing in the Olympics these kids wouldn’t get made fun of or beat up nearly as much.

Ok, probably not. But at least it’d be better than watching a 12 year old Chinese girl trying to act 16…and failing.

Ok, Laters.

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Twitter Will Steal Your Soul…Or At Least Your Job.

So the major drawback from KEEPING your job is having to DO your job.

What is actively trying to destroy my job, along with my self worth?

Twitter and Facebook and every other “Social Networking” time sink out there in the Ol’ Interweb!

Sucking the life out of our day with the promises of Pokes and Tweets!

[I swear the next thing you’ll be able to do on Facebook is give your friends a “Handie”! Great new update, right guys?!]

So maybe later I’ll write on the plague that is “Social Networking” but in the mean time enjoy this Sweet Video from Current Magazine giving Twitter what for!
Ok, I’ve got a Job still and need to get back too it.

You Too!


Another Day Another Dollar!


I know, but the benefits are great.

***Note*** I am aware at some level that it’s hypocritical to lampoon Social Networking sites while asking you to read a blog, but my Hypocrisy knows no bounds!

***Another Note*** I am also aware that there is a Twitter-feed up there in the corner…see previous note about Hypocrisy…and follow me on Twitter…I need that rush of gratification that only thousands of strangers killing time by reading what I’m doing can bring!

OK, Laters.


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